Tantus Juice: Right up my…Alley.

The Juice is a sexy silicone missile from Planet Tantus seeking…your ass, and coveted nightstand real estate. Yes, it’s shaped like the little doodad that you reach for when fresh-squeezed OJ is the order of the day, but the Juice doesn’t feel domestic…with its bulk and its matte finish, the Juice feels…dangerous. Not “OW, my ass!” dangerous, but delectably dangerous. Dangerous like your favorite TV bad boy/girl. If you decide to date the Juice, your grandmother won’t approve…The Juice is, in other words, drop-dead sexy dangerous.

Not inspired to new heights of ass passion? Try Tantus’s Juice instead.

Inside of the discreet brown paper covering, the Juice is packaged in standard Tantus style: a clear plastic case inside of a mostly white box. Tantus catch phrase (“Good Clean Fun”), materials info (100% ultra-premium silicone) and a cute little blurb (“Fits between the cheeks!”…I wonder if Tantus’s gags’ packages also say, “Fits between the cheeks!”?) are printed on the front of the box.  Tantus doesn’t do bells and whistles, but their packaging is informative (the back of the box is devoted to info on the materials, toy care, and…advertising), and there’s something to be said for simple and to-the-point presentation. Something like, “Hey, this doesn’t suck!”

When I spotted the Juice on Tantus’s website, I was stuck by its sensory appeal: it’s all graceful curves, elegant ridges, and smooth matte black. For an impulse buy, I did pretty well. While the Juice, which measures 4″ in length with a maximum diameter of 1.4″, is by no means a toy for people who’ve never used the back door, if you’ve had fingers/other plugs/etc. all up in your ass, the Juice won’t be a reach. Or…a stretch, if you’d like.

First impressions count, and the Juice bowled me over: its silicone is unbelievably smooth…and because I really couldn’t believe it, I spent a half an hour petting the Juice in a daze. I’ll save you some time in butt plug fondling: that kind of smoothness doesn’t lie.

The Juice’s maximum diameter occurs about midway down the shaft rather than just above the stem+flange, but the increase in diameter from the tip to the widest point is steady and gradual, making insertion a breeze. Silicone+your anus = drag; when I say “Insertion is a breeze,” that’s WITH a healthy serving of your non-silicone lube-of-choice. LUBE, ladies, gentlemen, and anyone who’s not ready to identify as a lady or a gentleman, is IMPORTANT. Especially when introducing toys to asses. Here’s how it should play out: Toy, meet lube; lube and toy, meet ass. Lifelong friendship.

Once it’s in, will you be able to get it back out? Yes. Yes, yes, and yes. Tantus’s sturdy anchors “Fit[ ] between the cheeks”: it’s not going to migrate upstream and, even if your hands are covered in lube (or other fluids), retrieval’s as easy as one, two, free-of-your-ass.

In use, the Juice easily lives up to Tantus’s sterling reputation. With good, non-silicone lube (and lots of it), I’ve had no problem sitting, standing, walking, and jogging around campus for 4-5 hrs at a time with the Juice inserted. When I want to wear it for more than a few hours at a time, I’ll plan to reapply lube every ~2 hrs to keep everything nice ‘n comfy. Although there is a visible seam running the length of the shaft, I’ve never noticed it during use.

“Not uncomfortable” is a low bar; can the Juice do better?…Yes. Yes, it can. Although I can’t feel the ridges unless I twist the plug (disappointing), the Juice makes a word of difference for g-spot stimulation. If, like me, you prefer motion and firm pressure, the Juice has your back (and your butt): because the Juice is widest right around its middle, it presses vaginally-inserted toys right. against. my. g-spot. I’m making the face of OHMYGOD…You know the one. I have a slightly shallower-than-average g-spot; if yours isn’t similarly positioned, you might not get the same amazing service from the Juice.

If you’re new to double penetration and the Juice is your plug bestie, don’t do like me, please: pace yourself, and don’t be afraid to take either toy (or body part) out at any time.

The Juice is cleanup-friendly: lather it up with some gentle soap, rinse, and repeat until you’re satisfied. Use a 10% bleach solution to sterilize the Juice; alternatively, stick it into a pot with some water and boil it.

But once you’ve gotten the Juice all squeaky clean, will it stay gorgeous? Nah, man. It attracts dust like Costco samples attract hangry shoppers. And it doesn’t come with a storage pouch. *side eye*…I get it, though: I’m attracted to the Juice, too. And I’m prepared to forgive it its slovenly habits: although I would be reluctant to recommend the Juice to butt stuff newbies, it’s a solid addition to the toy box of intermediate anal aficionados.


  • Only two color options (purple and black), and only one finish option (matte)
  • While the Juice probably won’t break the bank, it’s not cheap, either. You can pick up a Juice of your own for $41.74 directly from Tantus, for $33 from Peepshow Toys, and for $39,95 from The Pleasure Chest.
  • Dust. Magnet.
  • No storage pouch
  • Not vibe-compatible


  • Great for hours of wear
  • Out of this world silicone
  • Lifelong warranty from a trusted manufacturer
  • Easy toy care
  • G-spot stimulation game changer
  • Interesting sensation produced by twisting the Juice
  • A good size for people looking to transition from beginner to intermediate
  • Body safe (materials and construction
  • Discreet shipping options available from all linked merchants



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