njoy Pure Wand: orgasm wizard

Check your skepticism at the door: here’s a toy that ¬†easily¬†lives up to the hype. Without breaking a sweat, the Pure Wand will coax–or bully: it’s a forceful toy–a cinematic blended/g-spot orgasm out of you. Curled toes, trembling, your weirdest sex sounds: the Pure Wand demands it all. Note: I have neither a prostate nor… Continue reading njoy Pure Wand: orgasm wizard

SVAKOM Barbara: Rabbits Never Win

Call it naivety, impatience…a dangerous cocktail of arousal, curiosity, and Amazon Prime. I wanted a vibrator, any vibrator, and I wanted it IMMEDIATELY. Immediately, if not yesterday. At the time, I reasoned, “Clitoral stimulation + internal vibrations = 2x the pleasure, right?”…Hah. I give you…the SVAKOM Barbara, my first: The Barbara, which I purchased through… Continue reading SVAKOM Barbara: Rabbits Never Win