Mini-review: OYBY Mini Waterproof Sheet Protector

I want a Liberator throe. You want a Liberator throe. We all want Liberator throes. The throe, a velvety, waterproof blanket, is a game-changer for messy sex/masturbation: with the throe, you can squirt to your heart’s content and, when you, your partner, or your forearms are too exhausted to continue, the sheets will be 100% dry for delicious blanket snuggling. That kind of luxury and security comes at a price: throes go for $90 and up. A throe might be a good buy, even at $90, but what are the options if a $90 blanket isn’t financially viable? Today’s review assesses one product that might fill the gap: a humble waterproof changing pad/sheet protector.

Repurposing a changing pad can save you over $100, but it’s far from a perfect solution. I chose the OYBY mini-sheet protector, which measures 31.5 x 25.6″. You can get a white and pad with a pink cherry blossom motif or, if the pink’s not your thing, the pad’s also offered in brown-and-geometric. The crux of the problem is the pad’s size: 31.5 x 25.6″ is fine for masturbation, if you keep it simple. No rolling around, no adventurous positions, and absolutely NO SEX SWINGS. Bring in a partner, and things go rapidly downhill: a small pad severely limits mobility and the range of positions that you can attempt without drenching your sheets. Pad/sheet protector size varies; choose a larger pad (like this onethis onethis one, or this one), and you may have better results during partner play.

But is the pad waterproof? Will your sheets stay dry?…Yes. I have put mine through the wringer and, when I’m careful about how I position myself and my pad, not a drop of fluid soaks through. In that respect, I am a very, very satisfied *smirk* customer. I’ve also run it through the wash, and not even the dryer made a dent in its linens-protecting superpowers. (Are you supposed to put it in the dryer? Probably not. The waterproof side acquired an odd, leathery texture, but…the seal has held up. Three cheers for good seals.)

Lying on an OYBY pad isn’t like lying on a cloud. That’s not to say that it’s uncomfortable: it isn’t. But, like all waterproof sheets, it’s not breathable. No fluid soaks through, yes, but there’s no moisture wicking, either. If you sweat or if you squirt, your fluids are going to stay put. And with a small pad, finding a spot that isn’t damp can be tricky. Plus, although the material (polyester) is reasonably comfortable, it’s a far cry from the plush velvet of the throe.

All in all, a waterproof pad is a good budget option if you do most of your squirting during solo play…unless your solo play involves a sex swing. Maintenance is a breeze, the pad’s comfy enough, and the patterns are inoffensive.

Pros: inexpensive, waterproof, machine washable, and great for sedate solo sessions.

Cons: small, doesn’t pair well with partners or more adventurous positions, not velvety-soft.

For a review of the throe, see Hey Epiphora!Emmeline Peaches, or The Big Gay Review.



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