njoy Pure Wand: orgasm wizard

Check your skepticism at the door: here’s a toy that  easily lives up to the hype. Without breaking a sweat, the Pure Wand will coax–or bully: it’s a forceful toy–a cinematic blended/g-spot orgasm out of you. Curled toes, trembling, your weirdest sex sounds: the Pure Wand demands it all.

Note: I have neither a prostate nor handy access to a willing guest reviewer with a prostate. If you have a prostate, this review IS for you, but it won’t attempt to assess the Pure Wand’s abilities to charm p-spots. My apologies. (Gay in the Middle does an excellent prostate-centric review here.)

The Pure Wand arrived in a sturdy–and classy–black box  with a pink satin lining. My first instinct? Immediately locate the email address of njoy’s design team for fan mail purposes. I can forgive the pink satin because it’s a damn nice box. Njoy’s logo is printed at the bottom lefthand corner of the lid, so be warned: if you keep the box around for convenient storage, you run the risk of exposing your superb taste in sex toys to guests.

Should you leave it out and in plain sight, there’s good news: the Pure Wand’s likely to be taken for a piece of modern art…because it IS a piece of modern art. The fortunate few who recognize it as a sex toy likely own a Pure Wand already or want to own one. I’veused it as a paperweight to great success: nobody cottoned on, and I felt just slightly more badass.

Made from  100% medical grade stainless steel (body safe, non-porous), the pure wand, which weighs in at an astonishing 1.51 lbs, will save you time at the gym. Say your goodbyes to bicep curls.

pure wand specs
Pure Wands are the sworn enemy of porcelain sinks; clean with care. specs direct from njoy

The Pure Wand’s got your back as a warm-up toy, too: it’s smooth sailing from the small bulb to the larger bulb to…(toy of your choosing). Plus, the natural slipperiness of the steel requires very little lubrication: a big bonus if you’re saving your sliquid for bigger (grippier) things.

What makes the Pure Wand so fantastic? I doesn’t vibrate, it doesn’t thrust on its own, it doesn’t…oscillate, it doesn’t do a jig, and it can’t wash the dishes. A sex toy capable of doing the washing up would be an instant hit (…I want the dildo that vacuums.), but the Pure Wand has a different specialty: its deep curve will guide whichever bulb you’ve inserted directly to your g-spot in the same unerring way that your toes locate legos in the dark. (Every. Damn. Time.) And once it’s homed in on your g-spot, the firmness of the Pure Wand makes for some unforgettable sensations. Rocking, making a windshield wiper motion with the hand holding the wand, small up-and-down movements, clenching: they’re all good. The “melon scoop” is my personal fave: make as though your anterior vaginal wall is a cantaloupe and the Pure Wand is your scoop. Feel free to practice on a demo melon in the interests of preparedness (Kidding, kidding.)…Note: I’m %99.9 sure that using an unsanitized Pure Wand as a melon scoop is a violation of the health code.

…not anatomically accurate.

While the larger bulb’s my #1 for g-spotting when I’m looking for firm pressure, the smaller bulb’s my a-spot ace. Its smaller diameter works really well with my anatomy and, while I can’t make any guarantees…try it? Try it cautiously: the heft of the Pure Wand can make close encounters of the cervix kind uncomfortable.

Other reviewers have used the Pure Wand externally. I find the pressure too difficult to control and not as easily…customized?…as fingers. External use is more like an added bonus, anyway: the Pure Wand shines as a g-spotting toy.

Although the Pure Wand is a magnificent beast, it’s not going to work well for everyone. Before you lay down $70 – $110, here are a few considerations: If you don’t enjoy firm pressure on your g-spot, the Pure Wand may not be for you, unless you’re prepared to drop a chunk of change on a stainless steel deep tissue massage tool. To be fair, it’s not a bad massage aid, either. Pure Wand: paperweight, doorstop, deep tissue massage tool, and dildo. Truly, it is a Renaissance sex toy. A second consideration is the shape: when it’s fully inserted, the “handle” (the stretch of bulb/stem that isn’t inserted) can be hard to reach, and the steel becomes impossibly slippery with the addition of lube. This could be especially challenging for folks who aren’t super bendy and/or have larger bodies. Adopting a position between sitting and laying down may help, but take the reach issue into consideration if you’re thinking about taking the plunge. The Pure Wand may not work for all bodies, and it definitely doesn’t work for certain sex acts. I am unaware of any harness capable of holding the Pure Wand; if strap on sex is 99% of your sex life, consider a more O-ring compatible toy. Another potential snag is the Pure Wand’s incompatibility with oral sex. Because of its beautiful deep curve, your partner may find herself/himself/themself whacking (insert appropriate article here)self in the face repeatedly whenever thrusting is attempted. Even with gentler motions, the parts of the Pure Wand that aren’t inserted generally make a nuisance of themselves…I’ve heard that the Fun Wand has been more successfully combined with oral sex, but I can’t provide verification…yet. I remain hopeful. *eyes njoy catalog appreciatively*

Stainless steel doesn’t require anything fancy in the clean-up department: soap and water, meet dildo. One important note: please don’t use metal scrubby pads on any stainless steel/metal/glass toy: they’ll leave scratches behind, and these scratches could 1) feel bad/weird, and 2) make the toy more difficult to clean properly.

What’s the take away? Take away a Pure Wand. But only if you like the kind of stimulation that it does best, and only if you’re not concerned about reach issues. (Or about the health and safety of your porcelain sink. Sinks beware.)

Pros: your firm pressure-loving g-spot will love you 4ever; your masseuse cred will skyrocket; you now own a museum-worthy paperweight; unless you lose it (or apply a metal scrubby it), YOU WILL NEVER HAVE TO REPLACE IT, this is HUGE; it doesn’t require batteries; it’s heavy; and you can use it to vanquish your enemies. 

Cons: it’s not even a little cheap, it’s heavy, it spells doom for your porcelain appliances, and it doesn’t pair well with oral sex or harnesses. One more: you may have to fork over ~$90 for a liberator throe. 

If you want a Pure Wand of your own, they can be purchased from njoypeepshow toysSheVibeLovehoney, etc.


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